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Guest Table
“De Rentmeesterhoeve”

During our guest table, we take you on a journey of taste through the Westhoek. With sparkling wines that unblushingly sit alongside French Champagne in the wine cellar. With beers from the Westhoek that are praised all over the world. And finally, dishes full of local toppers that deliver a true feast to your taste buds.

How does the Guest Table work?

From 6 people upwards, the guest table can be booked for guests staying with us. Guests with less than 6 persons we are happy to refer to one of the top restaurants in our neighbourhood. The generous regional breakfast is also open to guests not staying with us. As early as in the morning, we let you enjoy delicacies from the Westhoek. Not for nothing the region of the Big Appetite!

Guest table: 45€ per person (drinks not included)
Breakfast: 20€ per person


Reningelstplein 5
8970 Reningelst (Poperinge)

+32 477 37 92 86

BTW BE 0882.317.344

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