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What's on offer?

Looking for Westhoek inspiration? On this page you'll find tips & tricks to ensure you're not bored for a moment.  

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Guest table

During our guest table, we take you on a journey of taste through the Westhoek. With sparkling wines that unblushingly sit alongside French Champagne in the wine cellar. With beers from the Westhoek that are lauded all over the world.


Alpacas are small, graceful ruminants native to South America and known for their soft, fine fur. They are quiet, intelligent animals with a distinct character.

Finnish sauna

The sauna is a unique aspect of Finnish culture and a popular way to relax and unwind. The sauna is a cosy little wooden chalet heated to high temperatures.

Cycling through the Westhoek

The Rentmeesterhoeve is the ideal starting point to explore the Westhoek by bike. This is perfectly possible via the cycling network, but there are also many mapped out routes around various themes.